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Here at Arizona Stamp & Coin, we see many customers looking to get cash for precious metals like gold and silver. However, did you know that we are also a platinum buyer? Whether you’re looking to get some extra cash for scrap platinum or purchase platinum bullion as an investment, we’re here to help.

Why Is Platinum So Valuable?

Just like gold and silver, platinum is a precious metal that’s valued for its rarity and diverse array of potential uses. In fact, did you know that platinum is used in more than 20% of manufactured products? Yet, there’s only a limited supply of this rare metal in the world, which is primarily sourced from South Africa and Russia. Platinum is also coveted for its beauty in jewelry. Because it’s hypoallergenic, it’s commonly used in metal alloys for jewelry that won’t irritate sensitive skin.

Due to the consistently high demand for platinum, it makes a great financial investment. Additionally, selling platinum items is a quick way to get some extra cash in your pocket.

We Buy and Sell Platinum Coins and Bullion

Nearly pure platinum is traded in bullion and coins. You may consider investing in platinum because it maintains a value that’s often comparable with gold, although there are not large stores of platinum in the world like there are with gold. Therefore, you may see longer-term value with this precious metal. Arizona Stamp & Coin is your resource for buying and selling platinum bullion and coins in Tucson.


Other Common Sources of Platinum

Even if you don’t have any platinum coins or bullion to your name, you may have valuable platinum items that are worth having appraised. The price of platinum is often favorable for sellers. Jewelry, for example, can be a high-value source of platinum, because this metal is denser than gold, so the weight of platinum jewelry is generally higher. Scrap platinum also appears in the following common forms:

  • Thermocouple wire
  • Platinum sponges
  • Dental fillings