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Estate Jewelry

At Arizona Stamp & Coin, Our pawn shop associates based in Tucson are experts in dealing with estate jewelry. If you’re looking for vintage jewelry like antique diamond rings or antique earrings to add to your collection or give as a gift to that special someone, you’ll love browsing our extensive collection of beautiful pieces! If you wish to sell some of your estate jewelry or pawn them for a period, we also offer pawn loans using estate jewelry as collateral. We provide instant valuation and cash on the spot for direct sales.

The Basics of Estate Jewelry

It’s often thought that estate jewelry always refers to a collection that previously belonged to an individual who has now passed on. Although this is usually true, it isn’t necessarily always the case. In fact, estate jewelry can also be sourced from someone who is still living. Estate jewelry is simply defined as jewelry that has had a previous owner. Additionally, estate jewelry can be both contemporary and vintage jewelry. Vintage jewelry is those pieces of jewelry which are around 50 to 100 years old. Similarly, antique jewelry is over 100 years old. We at Arizona Stamp & Coin, deal in all types of fine estate jewelry both antique and vintage jewelry.

Sell or Pawn Your Estate Jewelry with us

Our pawn shop in Tucson can offer you cash on the spot for estate jewelry that you would like to sell. It is common for family members to sell estate jewelry after a loved one has died. The cash raised from the sale of the old antique or vintage jewelry helps the surviving relatives to cover the cost of the funeral. Selling the estate jewelry in cash also helps in easy division of the estate among multiple heirs. Our jewelry professionals will value the estate jewelry and pay you the best rate for it in the market. We purchase both individual pieces and collections. If you do not wish to sell the jewelry, you can also pawn it at our shop. A pawn loan can provide you immediate cash relief while allowing you the option to recover your jewelry by repaying the loan in the future. If you decide not to repay the loan in the future we will sell the jewelry and cover your loan amount. We do not require any kind of credit checks for the pawn loans we provide.
fine estate jewelry Tucson

Buy Estate Jewelry

Many people prefer buying and investing in estate jewelry instead of new jewelry. Not only is it more affordable to buy jewelry from a pawn shop, but it can also fit your personal style better. Our pawn shop in Tucson has a diverse collection of antique and vintage jewelry pieces for all styles and preferences. Though our inventory keeps varying, you can usually find the following pieces of jewelry at our pawn shop:

  • Necklaces and pendants
  • Rings (including wedding rings and bands)
  • Earrings and studs
  • Hair and head ornaments
  • Bracelets and anklets
  • Brooches
  • Cufflinks
  • Tie clips
  • Chokers

Arizona Stamp & Coin in Tucson is a leading buyer and seller of estate jewelry in Southern Arizona. Our jewelry professionals can provide an accurate appraisal for your collection. We can also help you choose jewelry that fits your preferences if you’d like to make a purchase. Get in touch with us today at (520) 795-1594 with any questions about our current inventory.