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Arizona Stamp & Coin offers fast and accurate gold and diamond appraisals for your pre-owned items. We are one of the leading Tucson Appraisal stores which can provide an instant cash offer for your precious metals, coins, estate jewelry, or luxury pre owned watches. If you don’t wish to sell and would prefer to pawn your valuables, we can offer pawn loans with reasonable repayment terms.

Jewelry Appraisal Process Tucson

The jewelry appraisal process varies depending on the type of metal or valuable. For example, if you wish to sell or pawn precious metals, we will be able to offer you the best price based on the current value of those precious metals. The prices of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium vary and change every day. Our professional appraisers always use the current value of the metal to determine our offer. However, you should be prepared to be quoted as an amount that is a little bit lower than the widely accepted current price of the precious metal. This is to account for our commission, as well as the cost of handling and selling the piece.

Appraisal of Coins

The appraisal process for gold and silver coins is similar to that of precious metals. Coins made from gold or silver, for example, will be evaluated based on the current price of those metals. However, the appraiser will go a step further to evaluate the historical or collectible value of the coins. Coins with historical value are generally worth more than just the value of their metal. In addition, the appraiser will consider current demand. If you have rare coins that are in high demand, they will fetch a higher price.

Gold & Silver Coins
Arizona's Largest buyer of Coins

Estate Jewelry Appraisal Process Tucson

The process to appraise estate jewelry involves considering a piece’s “melt price.” That refers to the base value of its precious metals. The pawn shop associate will also consider the value of any gemstones, evaluating their cut and clarity. In general, antique and vintage jewelry can fetch high prices, but only if the style is timeless. An outdated style will bring a lower price because the consumer demand is lower. The overall condition of the jewelry is another important consideration.

Tucson Appraisal Process for Pre Owned Luxury Watches

The appraisal process for pre-owned watches is similar to the process for appraising jewelry. The associate will determine a watch’s base value based on a number of factors. For instance, some luxury watches feature small gemstones around the face. The brand name is another consideration. For instance, Seiko watches tend to fetch a much lower price than Rolexes or Patek Philippe watches. The watch’s overall condition is another factor in determining its value.

If you would like to get an item appraised, you can bring it to Arizona Stamp & Coin on 6298 E. Grant Road, Suite 140 in Tucson. Our associates provide fair and accurate appraisals of estate jewelry, coins and precious metals, pre-owned watches, and more! If you have any questions, you can get in touch at (520) 795-1594 .