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Pre-Owned Luxury Watches

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Pre Owned Luxury Watches

Arizona Stamp & Coin is one of the leading dealers and valuers of pre owned luxury watches in Tucson, Arizona. Our timepiece experts are the top buyers of second hand watches in the whole of Southern Arizona. We offer instant cash for your pre owned luxury watches, if you don’t intend to sell them we can offer you pawn loans at unbeatable rates for your second hand watches as collateral. If you’re looking for a used Rolex for sale or secondhand watch for yourself or for someone you love, you’ll want to check out our collection.

How To Sell Or Pawn Your Pre Owned Luxury Watches

There are many reasons why you might want to sell your luxury watch. Perhaps the watch was a gift from an old flame that you would rather not be reminded of. Maybe it was an inherited watch and it doesn’t quite fit your style. Or perhaps you would like to add a new timepiece to your collection and wish to sell a watch to defray the cost of buying a new one. Regardless of your reasons, at Arizona Stamp & Coin, we will pay you top dollar for your pre owned luxury watches.

You can also secure pawn loans against your second hand watches from our pawn shop in Tucson. Pawn loans are essentially collateral loans. They are useful for raising quick cash when you are in need. If we decide to make an offer on your luxury watch, we’ll keep the watch and give you a cash loan with a favorable rate. You can pay back the loan within the specified time period and take your watch back. Or, you can choose not to pay back the loan and we’ll put the watch up for sale. Pawn loans are ideal for short-term cash crunches because they are non-recourse, with no credit check necessary.

Buying Pre Owned Luxury Watches

Investing in new luxury watches can be quite expensive. Purchasing a pre owned luxury watch is a far easier on your wallet. When you visit us our shop Arizona Stamp & Coin, our team of watch experts will help you select the right watch for your style and personal preferences. If you aren’t quite sure how to begin shopping for a pawn watch, it’s helpful to first decide your budget. Our associates will help you find a watch which fits your budget. Alternatively, you may already own a luxury watch which you adore. We can help you peruse other choices from that brand.
Pre-owned luxury watches

Top Brands in our Pre Owned Luxury Watches Collection

Arizona Stamp & Coin deals in all brands of luxury pre-owned watches. Some of our most popular brands include the following:

  • Rolex
  • Cartier
  • Patek Philippe
  • Omega
  • Audemars Piguet
  • TAG Heuer
  • Vacheron Constantin
  • Hublot

If you wish to buy a pre owned Rolex watch or you are looking for a vintage watch for sale, stop by Arizona Stamp & Coin in Tucson, AZ to view our unbeatable selection of pre owned luxury watches. We also welcome inquiries about obtaining a pawn loan for your watch, and we offer the best rate for second hand watches you wish to sell. Have any questions? Want to know more about pawn watches? Call us today at (520) 795-1594 .