Pawn Loans at Arizona Stamp & Coin

Pawn Loans

Need some quick cash? Pawn loans can help you get the cash you need now with a short-term loan that you can secure without a credit check or big interest payments. Pawn loans are collateral-based loans, meaning that you borrow money against the value of certain items like watches, jewelry, or even rare coins.

Here at Arizona Stamp & Coin, we offer competitive pawn loan rates as well as a simple appraisal process. With over 50 years in the business, we also have a great selection of items for collectors to explore. You’ll find coins, gold bullion, jewelry, watches, and more in our Tucson pawnshop.

Pawn Loans at Arizona Stamp & Coin

How Pawn Loans Work

When you visit us for a pawn loan, we’ll assess the items you bring in and let you know how much we can offer for your loan. After 90 days, you can return to us to get your item back for the loan amount plus fees and interest. We’ll provide a clear outline of any included fees and our competitive interest rates before you accept the loan offer.

If you don’t pay back your loan within the 90-day period, you won’t face any penalties. We’ll simply put the item up for sale in our shop and you won’t owe anything else on the loan. We can also provide an additional 60-day grace period with interest-only payments.

What We Pawn

Our shop is always taking gold, silver, and platinum in almost all forms. Here’s a short list of items we buy, pawn, and sell:

  • Jewelry
  • Silverware
  • Gold Bullion
  • Gold and Silver Coins
  • Rare Coins and Paper Money
  • Diamonds
  • Luxury Watches

For coins, we will make offers based on both the precious metal content of the coin in addition to its historical or collectible value. Jewelry may also fluctuate in value based on styles as well as the precious metals and gemstones in each item.

Our Shopping Experience

Even if you don’t have any items you want to pawn, you might still visit our shop in Tucson. We are a premier gold buyer in the area, so we offer an amazing selection of investor grade gold bullion as well as gold jewelry, coins, and rare finds. We also specialize in estate jewelry, which gives us a unique selection of vintage and antique jewelry you won’t see anywhere else.

Arizona Stamp & Coin has been locally owned and operated since 1963, so you can always count on us for the best deals whether you are buying or selling with us.

Pawn Loans at Arizona Stamp & Coin