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We Buy Gold & Silver

Do you have gold or silver jewelry, coins, or bullion that you want to sell, but you aren’t sure how to get the best price for what you have? Because gold, silver, and other precious metals are always valuable and in-demand, there are tons of gold buyers out there. From local pawn shops to national chains to mail in services, it’s hard to know who you can trust. One thing to look for with your gold purchaser is a longstanding local reputation. That’s what you’ll find at Arizona Stamp & Coin.

We’ve been in Tucson since 1963. During that time, we’ve always been family-owned and operated. With so many decades in the business, we’ve built exceptional industry relationships and a staff of knowledgeable experts who are ready to appraise your gold and silver items. While we’re best-known among local rare coin collectors, we’re also always buying gold and silver in all quantities and conditions. Visit us today for friendly and reliable service when you’re looking to get cash for gold.

Selling Your Gold and Silver: How it Works

When you sell gold and silver, you’ll be selling your items based on their “melt value”. Therefore, a gold necklace will typically be assessed based on its weight and gold purity. However, if you’re selling items that offer greater resale value, such as rare gold coins, other factors—such as numismatic value—may be considered as well.

Our gold buying process is simple. We’ll weigh and assess your gold and silver items, then provide a written offer. You can take the offer on the spot and walk out of our store with cash in your pocket. Alternatively, you will be able to think it over and come back to redeem the written offer later.

Types of Precious Metals We Purchase

Not sure if your jewelry, coins, or flatware are made of real gold or silver? No problem! Bring them in and our experts will let you know what you’ve got. We will purchase any precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum. Whether it’s jewelry, coins, bullion, dental gold, silver flatware, or scrap, we will make you an offer. Even jewelry and other items that are broken or in bad condition are still valuable for their precious metal content.

Visit Arizona Stamp & Coin Today

Ready to see how much you can get for your silver and gold? Visit our store today! We’re open daily, so stop by to sell your gold or browse our amazing selection of coins and collectibles.

We Buy Gold & Silver