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Gold Bullion & Coins

Gold Bullion & Coins

Gold Bullion & Coins

Few materials maintain their value like gold. Even fewer financial investments pay off like gold. Whether you are an avid coin collector or looking to grow your investment portfolio by purchasing gold bullion, Arizona Stamp & Coin is your local source for pure gold in all forms.

We are a premier local gold buyer ready to make a competitive offer on your collection. Our shop also offers an unbeatable selection of gold coins, gold bars, and other precious metals including silver and platinum to purchase.

Buy and Sell Coins at Arizona Stamp & Coin

When it comes to coins and currency, you won’t find a better selection or more knowledgeable staff in Tucson. We offer an amazing selection of rare coins, paper currency, and privately minted coins. Our specialty is U.S. currency, but we have a wide range of unique items in our store, including foreign coins and antique currency.

If you want to know what your coin collection is worth, we can appraise it. Value is assessed based on grading from organizations like NGC and PCGS, numismatic value, precious metal content, rarity and mintage, and any associated paperwork or certifications. The physical condition of the coins will also weigh in on the value of your collection.

In addition to appraisals, we can provide a purchase offer for your whole collection or individual coins. Alternatively, we can issue a pawn loan for your gold coins. Even if your coins don’t offer much collector’s value, they may be assessed for their melt weight based on their precious metal content.

Gold Bullion: The Basics

Gold, silver, and platinum are all exceptional investments for savvy consumers. If you want to purchase any precious metals, Arizona Stamp & Coin is a great place to start. When you’re in the market for gold, silver, or platinum bullion, it’s important to know what you’re looking for.

First, bullion may refer to any gold or precious metal that’s high in purity. Typically, this means gold and silver bars, but it may also include scrap and coins. Most bars are stamped by the precious metal refineries where they’re produced. Stamps include the bar’s weight and purity. Purchasing gold bars is likely to give you the most bang for your buck when you buy gold bullion.

When you’re looking for investment grade gold and other precious metals, visit the friendly professionals at Arizona Stamp & Coin. We’ve been around since 1963, so you can rely on our expertise as well as our exceptional customer service.

Gold Bullion & Coins